Validating crash locations for quantitative spatial analysis

This paper describes a GIS-based methodology of the spatiotemporal analysis of this phenomenon.

Thus, for a given study area, in this case of Milos Island, Greece, the geometry of the road network, the terrain morphology and the solar radiation (in specific time intervals during summer) have been analyzed.

So hardware, software and databases are combined towards the extraction of new knowledge.

They give the possibility to have fast results throughout the process, which extends from the data management to the analysis and the visualization of them [2].

Received January 31, 2013; revised March 2, 2013; accepted March 11, 2013 Keywords: GIS; Direct Sunlight Exposure; Solar Radiation; Spatiotemporal Analysis ABSTRACTThe movement of vehicles on the roads, during summer, can sometimes hide risks involved in direct sunlight.

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The result of this procedure is a map illustrating the sections of the road where direct sunlight includes a serious amount of risk for the drivers.

Applying this methodology for long periods of time may lead to prevention policies adoption related to accidents of direct exposure to sunlight.

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